With regard to shotguns, adjustments need to be made

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With regard to shotguns, adjustments need to be made

Post by erzi8521 » Tue Feb 18, 2020 12:19 pm


With regard to shotguns, adjustments need to be made


The user must spend as much time as possible to aim, and the scattered bullets can all be hit.


I tried face to face, and shot in a flash. More than half of them couldn't burst their heads. I'm sure that the head of the zombie was covered with the whole sight

因为霰弹的准星比较大,三四米外瞄准目标,此时丧尸头部周围反而有漏洞 却更容易做到爆头

Because the target of shotgun is relatively large, aiming at the target three or four meters away, at this time, there is a hole around the head of the zombie, but it is easier to explode the head

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Post by thetinytatertot » Sat Feb 22, 2020 12:12 am

Did you try to find/buy gear to improve your shotgun aim? I like to get Shotgun V, Marksman V, and maximum accuracy item bonuses. My accuracy feels very good at level 30 for all shotguns except the sawn-off. You don't need to get Quick Shot because if you improve your maximum accuracy, the spread of your pellets will be smaller. Unfortunately, the sawn-off shotgun has the worst accuracy of all shotguns so you will have to be closer to your target no matter what.