Loud 'n' Proud - Level 50 SMG / Chainsaw Build

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Loud 'n' Proud - Level 50 SMG / Chainsaw Build

Post by Anialator » Wed Jul 07, 2021 12:42 am

Loud 'n' Proud

The setup i've been using for my first 50 toon, should let you deal with anything Paleview can throw at you, assuming you never need to sneak.
Perk 1-30
Sprinter V
SMG Expert V
Marksman V
Reloading V
Head Hunter V
Hunter V
Perk 31-50
Lumberjack V
Jogger V
Looter V
Quick Shot V
Quick Reflexes V
An SMG for bossing and to rapidly dispatch Tentacled Infected, with a Chainsaw to just as rapidly dispatch Spined and Optic Infected. With the Reaper's leap hitting harder than a Bloodied Titan, i've opted for a low HP, 75 IDR build, with Body and Legs emphasising Stun Recovery to not get stun locked. Quick Reflexes makes a very noticeable difference.

The dual mobility skills may be a controversial choice, but it lets me keep up with boss hunt parties despite my Leg gear prioritising IDR, Stun Recovery and Inventory Capacity over Sprint stats. Likewise I picked Looter primarily for the Search Speed so I can get the loot and move to the next boss as quickly as possible.

As I only use my Chainsaw against Infected, my Cut-Off Saw is a Stat Stick, with DVM, Inventory Capacity, and Sprint Stats. If I could get IDR on it as well I would in preparation for Comer and Sons runs. I swap out to a Body Damage / Attack Speed one for OA grinding.

- Anialator