Two helmets One choice ?

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Two helmets One choice ?

Post by Charliexd24 » Sun May 09, 2021 4:05 am

Hi, i kinda need help in deciding which helmet should i use. I got Avenger's Helmet
and a Crusader Helmet
I think both are really good but i need suggestion on which should i stick and play with. Ty in advance
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Post by Georg7490 » Mon May 17, 2021 11:27 pm

Crusader Helmet better. It have the same 34% headshots and +1% better DvM than Avanger's. All other advantages of Crusader's are uncomparably better than Avanger's. -20% Incoming Damage Resistance - no any other hats got that much IDR. It have body damage, which means that when your shots will not getting into the enemy's head - it will be powered up by +34% of body damage bonus of Crusader's. That is also good for shooting or chopping of legs of the any target. bosses and zombies. Damage vs Infected on Crusader's will allow you to better kill zombies, even during bosshunt you still need to fight back them, outside or in purple zones especially.
Attack speed is pretty good bonus, but in comparison with all the advantages of Crusader's it can't be more valuable.
Avanger's helmet bonus of Maximum Accuracy you will be able to notice only in summ with the same set parts: Avanger's gloves and Hawk's body part and with +31-35 of Weapon_Maximum_Accuracy too, without all that parts together that bonus not very noticably usefull.