Damntrinity Level 30(+5) CS DPS Build

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Damntrinity Level 30(+5) CS DPS Build

Post by damntrinity » Mon Nov 23, 2020 4:14 pm

CS Build.jpg
High DPS = Cheesing any kind of boss infront of you. Bonus fact, you use less meds once you get above 330 DPS, if you manage to increase it a little bit more, than youll start to feel to use less and less meds as you do runs Min Maxing your gear is really good on Chainsaw builds especially this one cause you can easily solo ALONE or you can carry your friends and enjoy runs together.

The stats to go for are

Sprinter V
LumberJack V
Hunter V
Aim For the heart V
Toughness V
ThickSkin V
Quick Reflex V (FOR PRESTIGE) *the more Stun recovery you get the faster you can pick up dealing DPS on your current target*

Basis % of gears you need to look for between Head Gear & Glove Gear have got to be more than 32%. Why cause the higher the numbers, the faster DPS you make the easier it is to use less and less Meds.

Body Gear/Leg Gear
As much as possible find those with high incoming damage above 17% be it leather jacket or hoodie with the 3 extra stats like Inventory, health and stun recovery. If you cant get all 3 of them? The trade off should be prioritizing HEALTH.

Foot Gear
Combat Boots, Combat Boots, Combat Boots,
They give 3 incoming damage. Find those with 2-3 liner sprint stats to boost your mobility. Another stat to have on 'em is walk higher than 25%. why walk? the basis of doing the titan orbit is around 20-40 walk speed. Anything more will hinder your kite against titans.

I've advised players to invest on a DECENT CHAINSAW. To be honest cattle is a luxury item without a doubt. A super charger WILL and CAN get the job done as well as cattle. So dont be grinding so hard or burning yourself out just to get one cus Super gets it done with ease. Stats to go for are above 27% on weaponbody, weaponattack, and Damage vs. mutated. I REPEAT THE INCOMING DAMAGE NEEDS TO BE 15% anything lower will give you a harder time reaching 70incoming damage

A stat stick
you can get 2liner stats sticks or 3. As long as the incoming damage is higher than 15% and the Damage vs. Mutated is above 28%. Any extra stat you spot on market that could help you like Sprint Cool down, Sprint Duration, Health Restoration, Health are the extra stats you cant go wrong on having if you manage to spot one.

Currently my build makes 365 DPS

So heres a detailed summary of what i think the build can do so far.

After understanding the boss mechanics in the game, from pathing, to how much damage they deal to Negative debuffs on your build i can sum it up in a routine that works pretty well.


Whenever i do Road 1&2 together i only bring 20 paramedics (oh wow, thats too little?) its not. sometimes i exceed 5-7 paramedics after returning from a run. How do i manage to save up you ask? Just know this, its cool to face tank bosses, but you use up a whole lot of meds in the process, dont be like this. This me, being a complete dumb ass but yeah, face tanking works with this build to a whole new level.

Learning how to kite bosses can mean the difference of going broke on meds or actually being able to buy your next gear.

Most bosses I cripple, like Fingers, Choirs, Moms, it takes a couple of seconds to cripple but once you do its a free kill for you or you use your weapon's range and depend on your back pedaling against those 3 bosses.

If you're facing a TENDRIL then the only advise i can give is to face tank them straight up to cripple them. AIM FOR THE LEG GUYS
since you stacked up your INCOMING DAMAGE to 70% or more you can easily face them when you develop your dps higher than 280+

Titans, if you dont wanna face tank them or you want to save time, start learning the orbit method against them.

The orbit method consist of using 6 steps
Step 1: Let Titan Charge at you
Step 2: Start Sawing him like you're about to tank
Step 3: When hes about to Hit Dodge forward under him
Step 4: Start either using A or D key while following him with your camera note this wont work unless your DPI, Sensitivity can keep up Its also easier once you have 30-40 walk speed anything more will give you a harder time to spin.
Step 5: Just Keep Following him while aiming down
Step 6: Once he staggers, wait for him to charge at you again and repeat Step 1,2,3,4 and 5

Special Mentions on people who helped me get this build together.
AGOR Haven
Rigga AKA Campionem
Faith Alice AKA Jecht
Awed AKA xubairho

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Post by damntrinity » Fri Mar 05, 2021 8:03 am

Here is an update folks!

I've replaced my skill set of Quick Reflex V to Immune V to be fully resistant to other types of variants while keeping my DPS up on the long run without being affected by negative debuffs except for Starvation and Dehydration. Cause once you have radiation and Infection, you lose a total of 15 points off of your DPS. You add another 15 cause thats what dehydration and starvation does after a long run of Boss hunting. It significantly drops your performance by 30 points from your dps as well with decreasing your mobility for any cs build out there so i highly recommend when you're confident enough to handle bosses y'all should switch to immune V.

*NOTE* When this happens you wont be able to tank bloody titans anymore. This is only an effective way of bossing for thee long runs ahead when you have this build. The more dps, the improvement your playstyle as well with and an understanding on what your build can handle will help you alot to be efficient as possible as a SOLO PLAYER OR A CARRY FOR A GROUP.

Hope y'all enjoy the build, have a good one guys!

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Post by YogaRappapa » Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:31 pm