[Feature][bug fix] Dismissed ads with "Close Ad" button persist until page refresh + fewer ads

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[Feature][bug fix] Dismissed ads with "Close Ad" button persist until page refresh + fewer ads

Post by thetinytatertot » Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:29 pm

Seen ads that were dismissed with the "Close Ad" button will now stay gone even if you filter, sort, or search the Missions Guide table... basically, until you refresh or leave the page.

Furthermore, the number of ads has been reduced overall. The fill rate for the ads are currently set at 70% so an ad row will only have an ad 70% of the time. Of course, this is all random chance, so sometimes you'll get ads for every ad row, and sometimes you'll only get one, but overall it should be 70%. If an ad row is not filled with an ad, the table will try to automatically collapse that row a couple seconds after the page finishes loading.

You should now also get fewer ad rows per page load. With a full table of missions (i.e., 65+ rows), each refresh may have between 2-3 ads total for the entire table (rarely 4? should be super rare though)... This is NOT factoring in the reduced fill rate (described above) so the actual average should be lower. This is achieved by increasing the number of rows between each ad by a randomly generated number, which means much larger sections of ad-less rows.


So um, as with most of my updates to this site, I didn't have much time to test the new code so... hope there's no bugs. :lol: